Microchipping Pets

Many pet owners contact Paradise Animal Hospital in Augusta to get accurate information on microchipping their pet. Here is some information to consider before you visit our vet.


What Is Microchipping and How It Is Done?

Microchips are known for helping to reunite owners with their pets. A microchip is a very small, electronic device that takes the place of a dog collar or your pet's neck tag, which can be easily lost or removed. A pet microchip is no larger than a grain of rice. It is implanted by our vet with a needle, underneath your pet’s skin.

The microchipping process is completely harmless and offers no more pain than when your pet is vaccinated. The implant is constructed of a material that poses no harm to living tissue. Typically, the implant location is between the shoulder blades and under the skin of your pet. Most pets barely notice the moment when the microchip is implanted.

The Importance of Microchipping

The importance of a microchip for pets (usually dogs and cats) is that the chip is proof of ownership. This is especially useful for thoroughbred pets that are not only valuable family members, but also a valuable investment in the family's time, money, and other resources. What about when your furry friend wanders away from home and is simply lost? These animals are usually found by a good citizen that wants to return the animal to it's loving home.

With a microchip implant, your dog or cat is given a registration number that is linked to the owner's name and contact information. If your dog or cat is lost and found, when he or she is taken to a municipal kennel, a private vet, or a local shelter, this data can be read with a handheld scanner. Always choose a common microchip device and service provider that is widely used for the best chance of being reunited.

The Benefits of Pet Microchipping

  • Provides an identification solution that will not break, fall off, or be damaged
  • Provides proof of ownership if your pet is lost, then found
  • Increases the chance of your pet being returned
  • Microchips last for a lifetime and offer pet owners peace of mind

Pet Microchipping Services in Augusta, GA

Contact Paradise Animal Hospital in Augusta, GA at 706-860-4544 for more information on the microchipping process. Along with microchipping, we also offer a full range of services at Paradise Animal Hospital, including comprehensive wellness exams, preventative care, vaccinations, pet dentistry, and animal surgeries.

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