Puppy & Kitten Care

Puppy & Kitten Care

At Paradise Animal Hospital, we offer the best veterinary care and treatment options for our furry patients and their families in the Augusta, Georgia, area. Our dedicated veterinarian, Dr. Steven Knittel, offers high-quality and compassionate kitten and puppy care, as well as care options for rabbits and ferrets. Our family-owned and operated practice focuses on delivering the best care.


What Sets Paradise Animal Hospital Apart?

Our animal hospital has been serving our patients in Augusta, GA, since 1987, with Dr. Knittel taking the helm in 1997. As a team, we treat every patient as part of the family, whether it's puppy care, kitten care, etc. We offer compassionate and comprehensive care options. It makes a difference to us whether your pet lives a happy and healthy life, so we offer preventative wellness care, parasite control, vaccines, physical exams, spay and neuter, as well as pet dental care.

We also offer emergency and urgent care to address those critical care and treatment situations that just can’t wait. For regular wellness, as well as those immediate-care situations, our in-house lab, and diagnostic capabilities (including on-site X-Rays) ensure that we offer the safest, most comprehensive and effective, as well as fast and reliable care available in Augusta, GA. It also means we can get right to the root of the problem to fix any serious issues.

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When you call for your appointment, we ask initial questions about the reason for your request for an appointment. If it’s an emergency, we get your pet into our office as quickly as possible. When you come in for your appointment, we ask that you fill out a medical questionnaire to get a clear picture of the health and wellness of your pet. We also ask that you share any concerns you have with the behavior, health, and wellness of your pet.

We’ll take your pet to an examination room, where we examine your pet’s teeth, eyes, ears, and their coat (as applicable). We also check the lungs, heart and organs to check for obvious or pain points abnormalities. We discuss your pet’s behavior, as well as the diet you feed to your pet and his or her eagerness to play. Our goal is to find and diagnose any concern, but also to help your pet achieve the happiest and healthiest life possible. We’re just a call away. Schedule your appointment today!

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