Comprehensive Wellness Exams

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At Paradise Animal Hospital, we recommend your pet have a wellness exam annually. This exam entails a thorough inspection of your pet's body to include his heart, lungs, and joints to make sure he’s in good health. If your pet shows signs of a health condition, we’ll perform skin, blood, or stool tests to make an accurate diagnosis.   

Preventative Care

During a wellness exam, we may recommend additional preventative care services for your pet such as parasite control, dermatology care, nutritional counseling, dental care, or vaccinations. Preventative pet care helps avert sickness and disease so your pet can enjoy a longer, healthier lifespan.  


Our facility offers core and non-core vaccinations to protect your pet against life-threatening diseases. Our Augusta, GA, veterinarian can help you determine what vaccines to give your pet to maintain optimal health. We’ll also create a vaccination schedule for your kit or pup to ensure he receives boosters when needed.  

Pet Dentistry

Professional dental care can enhance your pet’s oral health. We’ll check and clean your pet’s teeth annually to prevent dental problems and gum disease. Our team uses anesthesia for pet dental checkups and cleanings so your pet doesn’t suffer from discomfort and pain.


If your pet requires surgery, our veterinarian will walk you through the procedure so you fully understand what to expect. We perform such common surgeries as spay/neuter procedures, tooth extraction, orthopedic, and soft tissue surgeries.

Emergency and Urgent Care

Our team offers emergency and urgent care services for crisis situations that may arise with your pet. Emergency situations may range from ingestion of poisonous substances to lacerations or broken bones from an auto accident. In the event of an emergency, call our facility without delay, so we can be prepared when you bring your pet in. We’ll also make time to handle non-emergency urgent situations that may arise with your pet.

Additional services we provide include:

• Computerized Appointment Services

• In-House Laboratory

• Digital X-rays

• Puppy, Kitten, and Senior Pet Care

• Euthanasia Services

• Microchipping

• Boarding and Grooming Services through our partners Paradise Kennels

Visit Our Augusta Veterinarian for Professional Pet Care

For quality veterinary services you can trust, contact Paradise Animal Hospital at 706-860-4544 or visit our facility in Augusta, GA, today. We look forward to meeting all your pet care needs.

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